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Personalized Recipes

What you eat reflects who you are. 

A Meal For Two

Do you want to prepare a meal for that special someone in your life? What type of food do they like? Let Chef Jade develop a two-course meal that they’ll love. With each delicious bite, they’ll think of you. 

A Meal For Few

Are you having a small dinner party? Do you want to prepare a special meal for your family? Chef Jade will develop a three-course meal that matches each persons’ pallet and personality. 

A Meal For More

Are you hosting a party or holidays at your house? Do you have to worry about food being either Vegan, Vegetarian, not too spice, or not too sweet? Give yourself a break by removing the meal planning from your to-do list. Hand the workload over to Chef Jade  and let her develop a four-course meal for the occation.

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