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Non-dairy Milk Alternatives

Non-dairy Milk Alternatives

1. Plant Protein Milk

Bolthouse Farms brings the other pea protein-based milk (that’s its main plant). This one is a bit sweeter than Ripple, but again, it’s a surprisingly good version that might be an upgrade from whatever you normally put in a protein shake. If you’re not sure which pea-based option to go with, either decide based on how sweet you want it to taste, or which of fairly fortified list of nutrients you prefer.






2. Rice Milk

Rice Milk, and Rice Dream’s version of it, has been around for longer than most milk alternatives, and its key to surviving this long is most likely its ability not to offend. Its taste isn’t super strong, or even that “rice-y” the way the brown rice milk we also tested is—in fact, its aftertaste is closer to the wheatier-tasting milks. But, there’s also nothing bad about it, making it an easy choice for those in need of neutral.

Rice Dream





3. Coconut Milk

This is another of the oldest non-dairy milk options, and when tasting Pacific’s organic version, you can tell why. Coconut! The powerfully sweet flavor is like its own cocktail or dessert, and makes you want to throw around the word “tropical.” It’s one of a few non-dairy milks whose strong flavor probably precludes adding it to your daily routine, but when you do drink it, it’s a genuinely good experience.

Pacific Foods





4. Almond Milk

The standard. By itself, almond milk is smooth, with just enough gummy feel and nutty taste to seem, for lack of a better word, natural. In coffee, that texture and just-light-enough taste are perfectly balanced. We used Almond Breeze, but whatever the brand, it’s no wonder almond milk caught on so quickly, and up until now has been the milk to beat when it comes to everyday drinking.

Blue Diamond





5. Soy Milk

Maybe the most classic non-dairy milk of all, Soy is one of the best all-around options both on its own and coffee alike. We’ve tried many more soy milks than just the Silk pictured, and as you’ve likely already experienced, its trademark note of soy makes it a bit more polarizing. For many, it’s the taste of non-dairy milk, and if its the one for you, you probably already know.





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