Jade's Journey Ep. 12: Burgers In America | Cooking With Jade

Jade’s Journey Ep. 12: Burgers In America

Jade’s Journey Ep. 12: Burgers In America
Chef Jade's Journey X Burgers In America

In this podcast episode, Jade and Zelda return home after a world tour. Tired, but excited to share the stories of their journey. Jade has had a craving for a good old-fashioned veggie burger since she touched down at the airport. She shares her unique recipe with all her fans on this season’s finale episode.

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Audio Transcript

Hi there, foodie friends. Jet-lagged Jade, and needin’ some Z Zelda here. Twelve countries in just a few months is no joke. But welcome back to my digs. I’m Jade, and this is my girl Zelda.

Looks like I’m not the only one feeling wiped after a long adventure. I cannot wait to share our stories over these amazing traditional dishes with family and friends, because that’s what this journey has been all about. Culture, cuisine, but most of all, how learning about our roots can uncover more about who we are. We had such an amazing time, but there’s nothing like coming back to New York City and sleeping in my own bed. Our last stop on our journey is, of course, America, because this is where I call home.

My biggest food craving when the wheels touched down at LaGuardia Airport was a good old American hashtag tradish, a hamburger. What’s more comforting than the simple sandwich? It’s the first food you think of when you think backyard barbecues and grillin’ out at family picnics. I’m known to roll up with my own vegan patties, ready to party. More often than not, I’ll make my own veggie patties from scratch, because I’m fancy like that.

But tonight, it’s all about the comforts of home. When I don’t have the time or energy to create my own patties, like tonight, I opt for Impossible Burgers, but there are so many options now. While I let the burgers cook, check this baby out. Like stamps on a passport, I collected a vegan recipe in each country. Sometimes the dish was already vegan.

Sometimes I just made it that way. Maybe it’s the start of my first published cookbook. That’s a yes from my publicist. They are rockin’ and ready to go. The best part about burgers is how creative you can get with the toppings.

Today, I’m going for comfort. I’m adding avocado, because it’s creamy and gives it a cheesy texture without the dairy. Tomatoes, and my favorite part, topping it off with coleslaw for a savory crunch factor. I think tonight calls for some alfresco dining. What do you think, Z?

Find the recipe for my vegan burger patties below, and join us on our next adventure. I cannot wait to start planning it. Where should we go? Let us know in the comments. Until then, enjoy the recipes and add the hashtag Tradish.

See you soon!

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