Jade’s Journey Ep. 10: Vegan Tacos in Mexico | Cooking With Jade

Jade’s Journey Ep. 10: Vegan Tacos in Mexico

Jade’s Journey Ep. 10: Vegan Tacos in Mexico
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For this week’s cooking lesson, Zelda and I go down to Mexico, the country where my Grandfather was born and cook Vegan Tacos! Tune in for this.

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Audio Transcript

Buenos días! It’s Jade and Zelda, as per usual, in front of the historic El Castillo, known as the Temple of Kul-Kul-Khan. My grandfather on my dad’s side was a tour guide in this area of Mexico, so let me try to do him proud. Behind me, you’ll see the Temple of Kul-Kul-Khan, built sometime between the 8th and 12th centuries A.D.

It has 91 steps on each of its four sides, and one step in the center to equal 365 steps, one for each day of the year. I’ll hold for applause. Thank you, up top! Let’s taco about our hashtag tradish for Mexico, tacos. Rooted in Mexican culture, tacos are popular worldwide, and have about as many different varieties as your mind can think of.

The word taco comes from the Nahuatl word tlaco, which translates to half, or in the middle, referring to how you add whatever you want in the middle of a tortilla and then fold it in half. Hmm, I guess that means when I wrap you in a blanket because you’re cold, you’re a puppy taco? You’re right, it’s more like a puppy burrito. Very important distinction. When I’m at home in the city, I host a Taco Tuesday night for my friends.

I provide the tacos, they bring the chips, salsa, beer, and margaritas. We eat, drink, and someone always ends up dancing on the counter. It’s become a tradition in itself. Today’s recipe is roasted potato tacos. It’s a crowd favorite any day of the week.

Counter dancing optional, but highly encouraged. It’s vegan, of course, and if you make it with corn tortillas, it’s also gluten-free. Tacos are a perfect dish for social events, because you can put them out unassembled, and everyone can build their own. Or, a little humble brag, you can display them gorgeously, like a vegan chef rock star. I always make a plate pre-assembled, because everyone has that friend too messy or too lazy to make their own.

I’m looking at you, Marco. I’ve got nothing but love for you, but I don’t need that mess in my kitchen. That looks like a less-talking-more-tacos dance, if I ever saw one. Find the recipe below, and join us next time. Same Jade, same Zelda, different country and recipe.

Hasta luego!

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