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Best LA Bars and Top 5 Super Bowl party dishes

Best LA Bars and Top 5 Super Bowl party dishes
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Head To These LA Bars For Some Amazing Eats (And Drinks) While You Watch The Big Game

Okay, so it looks like the stars have aligned: I will be in Los Angeles for Super Bowl weekend! While I won’t be able to fork over thousands of dollars to snag a seat at SoFi Stadium, I do plan on posting up at a local sports bar to watch the big game. Of course, it’s a must that said bar has a top-notch food menu, in addition to some frothy drinks. Here are some of my top choices for the most delicious bar menus in LA.



Big Dean’s Ocean Front Café

Anyone looking for a classic LA sports bar that has been around for decades should head to Big Dean’s Ocean Front Café. As you might have guessed from the name, Big Dean’s is located right on the beach, in Santa Monica. I can’t think of a better atmosphere for relaxing and watching the biggest football game of the year. It doesn’t hurt that Big Dean’s offers delicious food as well. Big Dean’s is known for classic bar food, like burgers and wings. And anyone looking for some fresh air and ocean breezes can step out on the bar’s outdoor patio.


33 Taps

Silverlake might be one of LA’s hippest neighborhoods, but it’s not too hip for a good sports bar. For locals, 33 Taps is the go-to spot to watch the game. This hip watering hole features plenty of TVs, dozens of craft beers on tap (hence the name), and quality pub grub to boot. I love that 33 Taps offers some vegan options to go with the pizza and burgers. A cold beer with a vegan burrito? Yes, please!


The Britannia Pub

Football might be a thoroughly American pastime, but there is no reason you can’t watch it at a classic British pub. If you would like a pint and a plate of fish and chips while you watch the game, I recommend The Britannia Pub (“The Brit,” for short) in Santa Monica. The food menu includes some British staples (think shepherd’s pie, bangers and mash, and the aforementioned fish and chips), as well as some classic American bar foods, like nachos, Philly cheesesteaks, and even pigs in a blanket. An Impossible Burger is available for my fellow vegans.



Since we’ve got a British sports bar on the list, why not add a German one? Wirsthaus, in Fairfax, will transport you to a Munich biergarten, albeit one that shows American football on big screen TVs. The menu is German comfort food, made from scratch. Hungry sports fans can chow down on schnitzels and house-made sausages, washing it all down with a cold stein of Stiegl. And if you are feeling really ambitious (and have lined up a ride home) you can drink your beer out of a 30-ounce glass boot! Prost!


Boneyard Bistro

If you find yourself in the Valley on Super Bowl Sunday, check out Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks. This cozy spot features “Santa Maria” style BBQ—a unique California style of barbecuing that favors dry rubs and wood fires (often utilizing the native redwood). To wash down the mounds of meat, Boneyard Bistro offers one of the largest craft beer selections in the Valley. It also has plenty of TVs for watching the big game.


Top 5 Dishes For Your Super Bowl Party

Thinking about watching the game at home? You can still eat some great food while you watch. Here are the top 5 Super Bowl party dishes.


1. Buffalo Wings


Buffalo Wings

Did you know that Americans consumed an astonishing 1.42 billion chicken wings during last year’s Super Bowl weekend? That’s a lot of drums and flats! Buffalo wings – with their delicious tangy sauce – originated at Buffalo’s Anchor Bar in 1964. Owner Teressa Belissimo served up some leftover wings with an improvised spicy sauce to her son and his friends as a late-night snack. After that, a sensation was born. If you are looking for a vegan alternative, try “cauliflower wings”: deep-fried cauliflower served with that delicious sauce.


2. Pizza



Pizza is the perfect food for sharing, which is why we love to eat it with friends on Super Bowl Sunday. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also delicious. During the last Super Bowl, Americans consumed an estimated 12.5 million pizzas. It might not be as high as the number of wings, but still, not too shabby!

Click Here to check out my Veggie Pizza recipe


3. Nachos



When it comes to nachos, anything goes:  all you need is some chips, whatever type of cheese you prefer (for me it’s a vegan “cheddar,” naturally) and whatever toppings you feel like throwing on there. This American party staple was actually invented in Piedras Negras Mexico (just south of the Texas border) the 1940s. As the story goes, three American women walked into the Victory Club looking for a different kind of snack. All owner Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya had that fit the bill were some freshly fried tortillas, some cheese, and jalapenos. Just like the bar owner in Buffalo, he improvised and the rest was history.


4. Sliders



Sliders are another quick, customizable snack that packs a lot of protein per bite—perfect for soaking up those beers. Sliders offer all the flavor of a good burger without the commitment (who has time or space for a whole burger when there are so many other delicious dishes to be had?). Fun fact: the term “slider” originated in the US Navy in the 1940s. it was slang for small, greasy burgers that would “slide right down.”


5. Pigs in a Blanket

Pigs in a blanket are a fun, easy-to-make snack that can feed a lot of people. No wonder they are such a popular choice for Super Bowl parties. Many scholars believe that this simple, creative recipe dates back hundreds of years, to 17th Century England. It was a popular, easily transportable snack for laborers at the time. Now it lives on at Super Bowl parties across the U.S.

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