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Top 5 Hot Pot Places In Beijing

Top 5 Hot Pot Places In Beijing
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If you’re looking for a great city to hone your hot pot skills, Beijing is hard to beat. Here are my top five hot pot restaurants in China’s capital.



Dong Lai Shun


As I mentioned in my previous hot pot article, Beijing has its own style of hot pot, which is heavy on mutton (adult sheep). One of the masters of Beijing-style hot pot is Dong Lai Shun, which operates several branches throughout Beijing. At Dong Lai Shun, the mutton is held to the highest quality standards, with strict regulations concerning the sheep’s age and origin.



Long Shun Yuan Spicy Hot Pot


While the Beijing style tends to be milder, China’s capital certainly has plenty to offer chili lovers. Long Shun Yuan Spicy Hot Pot, which operates three branches in Beijing, certainly brings the heat (though you can choose your spice level). After you’ve had your fill of spicy food, you’ll be served a soothing corn porridge to help cool your tongue.





HaiDiLao is one of the most famous hot pot chains in China–one that has even expanded to the U.S. There’s nothing like having it in its country of origin though! In Beijing, HaiDiLao is known for its tremendous hospitality: diners can even opt for a free shoe shine or manicure while they wait for a table! That’s my kind of multitasking.



Man Fu Lou


Beijing’s Man Fu Lou is known for its spacious interior and large, meaty pieces of lamb. This is another great spot for traditional Beijing-style hot pot. It is also known for its wide selection of delicious dipping sauces, including a sesame sauce that is to die for. You’ll likely have to wait in line for this one, but where there’s a line, there’s usually a great meal.



Pengran Siji Coconut Chicken Hot Pot


This unique hot pot spot has won diners hearts with a splash of coconut water; it’s poured into the broth from a freshly opened coconut. This tropical flavor is common in Hainan province (China’s southernmost point and a popular tropical getaway). If you can’t make it down to this island paradise, coconut chicken hot pot is the next best thing.



A World of Flavors Awaits


Being the capital of China, Beijing is home to several regional hot pot styles. If you love this method of cooking/eating as much as I do, a trip to one of Beijing’s many hot pot restaurants should definitely be on your itinerary when you visit this fascinating city. I’m already working on my list of places to visit when I come back.


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