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NYC’s Dog-Friendliest Restaurants

NYC’s Dog-Friendliest Restaurants
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I do a lot of solo dining in my adopted hometown of New York, but every so often I’ll go out with an adorable dining companion. No, I’m not “seeing anyone” just yet (you’ll all be the first to know!): I’m talking about my furry BFF, Zelda. Dining with a canine companion can be tricky, especially in a city like NYC, where outdoor space is so scare. That said, we make it work. Here are my top five dog-friendly restaurants in the Big Apple.

Barking Dog

You know a place is dog-friendly, when “dog” is in the name. This laidback café – with locations in Hell’s Kitchen and the Upper East Side – has plenty of outdoor space and plenty of perks for your pet, including a doggie water fountain and a treat jar! But there are plenty of treats for humans too: the brunch here is top-notch.

Barking Dog NYC

The Wilson

The Barking Dog scores big points with its dog treats, but The Wilson takes things a step further. This contemporary American eatery – located in Chelsea – has a separate menu just for dogs! Special doggie dishes include house-made dog biscuits, mixed berries (Zelda’s personal favorite), a “Pupsicle,” and  – for the true four-legged gourmand – grilled steak. I often joke that my spoiled pooch eats better than I do. In this case, it might actually be true, though the “people food” is pretty solid as well.

The Wilson NYC


Located in Long Island City, Queens, this spot’s name also describes the greeting you’ll get when you walk in. That’s because there are always plenty of friendly dogs who love to bring their humans to this hip bar and eatery. Both the outdoor and indoor spaces are dog-friendly, a rarity for NYC. And this lively spot has plenty to keep both humans and animals entertained, from live music, to dancing, to trivia.



In addition to being a dog, Zelda is a total ham. She’ll take all the attention she can get and loves to mug for the camera. That’s why I’m so glad I found Fred’s: a dog-friendly Upper East Side institution where diners are encouraged to stick pictures of their dogs to the restaurant’s wall (if you look closely, you might even spot Zelda’s mischievous grin!). Named for a beloved labrador retriever/seeing eye dog, Fred’s is about as dog friendly as they come. And while the restaurant doesn’t have a doggie menu, I have been known to slip Zelda a fry or two on occasion… but that’s between us.

Fred’s NYC

Boris & Horton

This charming East Village spot (which recently opened a second location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn) is another dog-friendly gem. Not only are dogs welcomed here; they’re cordially invited. Boris & Horton hosts weekly pet-centric events, like pet portraits (think doggie Glamour Shots) and “Pawsigns” pet astrology readings. After all, what’s the point of living in an offbeat neighborhood if your pooch can’t get their paw read, am I right?

Boris & Horton NYC

Where Do You Take Your Dog?

As you know, I travel around this country pretty frequently and sometimes I take Zelda with me. I’d love to know where you like to go with your favorite dining companion. And if you see us there, stop by and say hi! Zelda will probably come over to you anyway.

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