Jade's Journey Ep. 6: Lasagne in Italy | Cooking With Jade

Jade’s Journey Ep. 6: Lasagne in Italy

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Jade’s Journey Ep. 6:  Lasagne in Italy
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Hello all! Zelda and I are in Italy, the country my Great Grandfather on my biological Mother’s side was born. He was a construction crew member of the Tower of Pisa “refurbishment party” in the ’30s, intending to straighten the monument! Dictator Mussolini felt the tower was an embarrassment for Italy and needed to be mended. Unfortunately, Mussolini’s chosen method actually made it lean further.

In today’s Podcast, I’ll walk you through how I make my famous Vegan Lasagna. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll try to respond before dinner time 😉 – https://cookingwithjade.com/contact/


If you like all things Italy, then check out my post where I dive into the debate of Thin-Crust vs. Deep-Dish Pizza.

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